Beauty is a Decision

“Jesus answered: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. This is the first and most important commandment. The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, ‘Love others as much as you love yourself.’ ”
– Matthew 22:37-39 CEV

I want to speak to all of you out there struggling with feeling beautiful or handsome enough to be loved. First of all, in order to love yourself you have to know your true identity – you were created by God so that you can be in relationship with the most wonderful Father of all, and bring honor back to the one who gave you life.

Second, before you change the way you feel, you have to change the way you think. Most of us, if not all i hope, don’t get up trying to decide if we are going to brush our teeth and put clothes on, we have already made the decision to do it. The same is true about our beauty; It isnt easy living for God and making right choices – some days you will forfet your worth and beauty, and the off chance you remember you won’t feel like it -, but we make a decision to go against our feelings. We have to make daily decisions based on truth, and be intentional if we are to live differently!

We have to start by making a daily choice to turn to God. Make a choice to love first; to the point where love is the first response in every decision! You aren’t going to change or become a different person from making one big decision, it is all the little ones that bring us to change.

So what decisions will you make today to bring about change in your thinking and change for someone else?

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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