December Updates


Merry Christmas friends and family!

In this month’s update I (Angie) will be talking about the true meaning of Christmas and how we can shift our focus to what’s really important. We will also update you on prayer requests/praise reports, and a few things God has placed on our hearts for reaching our community. We thank you for all your prayers and support, and hope you have a merry Christmas and happy New Years!


The Importance of Christmas

It’s that time of year again where people are trying to find that perfect gift for their family and friends, along with cramming in all the parties and gatherings with those they love. However, in the midst of this busy season, do we really know why we celebrate? What is the real reason for Christmas? Most would say, because Jesus was born a long time ago in a manger and would eventually die for our sins so we can be free from death. However, putting that aside, do we really understand the importance of this time of year?

  1. Jesus came to earth

We can’t talk about the importance of Christmas without talking about the most important reason of all; Jesus came to earth to understand humanity and be the living sacrifice for our sins. I once heard someone say that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice to invite us to have a relationship with Him for all eternity by coming to earth and living as a human being. He was fully human and fully God, and even though we can’t fully comprehend that, we can understand because of his decision He now understands everything we go through and has made a way where we can pray to God without going through another person. We have full access to seek God, and we don’t have to give a sacrifice for our sins because Jesus did that for us. Through Jesus coming as a baby and eventually dying for all our sins, when we accept Him into our lives we can spend eternity with Him, where as we were damned for Hell because God cannot be in the same presence as sin. No matter who you are, this is the most important reason for Christmas! I am thankful that in the midst of the lights, presents, and music, at the end of the day  the real reason is Jesus loved me so much He decided to come as a baby and understand what it was like to be human and chose to give himself over to death so I don’t have to live my life without Him. No matter what gift you get this year, THIS is the best and most important gift you were given!

2. Cherish Your Family

Most of us tend to get so busy around this time of year making sure we get everything on our families wish list that we ignore the very people we are getting the gifts for. If you don’t believe me ask the children whose parents are constantly working, rarely spending time with them, and buy tons of gifts to put under the tree. Now, I am not saying giving a bunch of gifts are bad, and that you shouldn’t work, however what I am saying is that in the midst of you working and buying gifts for those you love, don’t forget to spend time with those you love. Whether that means taking time off work to go somewhere fun; taking time to play out in the snow or making a craft for Christmas; or just sitting down and reading a book with your family; you need to take time to make memories. When you are on your death bed and you are reflecting over your life, you will not be thinking about the amount of gifts you gave your family over the years or the amount of money you made. The things you will remember is the memories you made with them, or the lack thereof. So instead of spending your time working a bunch, trying to snag the latest gadget, or wasting time on the internet getting the biggest gift to impress your friends and family why don’t you cherish and spend time with them?

3. The Simplicity of Life

When was the last time you took a walk to take pleasure in the scenery around you? Or let me ask this; When was the last time you enjoyed a good book or taken up a hobby? During this time of year when everyone is stressed out from trying to impress others, why don’t you go against the flow and do something you love? As the saying goes, take time to smell the roses.

4. Giving the right way

I really love this time of year because of all the coat and toy drives, and the food that people make for the homeless. I don’t care what anyone says, when you give to others in need there is a joy that comes over you unlike anything you have ever experienced. This time of year, instead of expecting to get a lot of gifts why don’t you find a charity or shelter where you can give to those in need. Most of us have way more than we need, and usually we are getting rid of stuff to make room for more, so instead of throwing away your clothes and toys, why not bag it up and give it to someone that could use it? If you can’t give financially or you don’t have anything to get rid of at home, then try looking up some shelters and places in your area that you could bake cookies and such for the homeless and low – income families. Not only are you being a blessing to others, but you will find the joy in giving to those who have less than you. I encourage you to find someone you can be a miracle to this Christmas season.

So while there may be many who are rushing around this Christmas trying to make it to the latest party or get the biggest gift, just remember what we talked about. The importance of Christmas is that Jesus came to earth as a baby so we might have a personal relationship with him. We also will find joy when we cherish our families, enjoy the simple things in life, and give to others in need. I hope this has blessed you, and hope you have a very merry Christmas!!

– Angie


Hello Friends and Family,

Chris and I would like to share with you a things God has laid on our hearts in order to be a blessing to those in our community. We have opened our home on Saturday mornings to those in our community and our church for food and fellowship. As most of you know, Chris and I enjoy playing board and card games. So we have decided to have a weekly gathering where we can play games and have found it opens others up to conversation. Plus for those who do not attend church, this is a way for them to come and have a good time without feeling they are attending a church event. Please pray as we venture out to our neighbors and get more people to come. Also since this is a busy time of year and we are busy paying down our debt, please pray God provides the finances to be able to continue to provide food each week for those who attend. Thanks.


Prayer Request

  • Christopher’s job:

Please continue to pray for Chris to find another job. Right now we feel God has called us to this area, and so we are praying He will bless Chris with a job that is less stressful, where he doesn’t have to work as much (He is working over 70 hours a week), and pays what he is worth.

  • Finances:

Right now we are paying down our debt, especially my school loans. We would appreciate your prayers in the area that we stay diligent, don’t get distracted, and work to pay off our debt.

  • Ministering to others:

God has laid a few things on my (Angie) heart on taking a short – term missions trip. There are two ministries I am considering. Please pray I would clearly hear His voice on the right one to do. One of the places I feel led to go to will be six months long and I will have to come up with the finances for a place to live, food, etc. The other is fairly expensive as well, but it is overseas.

  • Health:

Lately Chris and I have been dealing with sinus allergies because the change in weather, and I have been feeling extremely tired, loss of appetite, and every so often feeling nauseous. Would appreciate your prayers that God would keep us healthy and whole, as well as pray for various family members that are dealing with illnesses such as cancer and issues with parts of their bodies.

Chris and I appreciate all your prayers and support. There are times where we feel it most, and we cannot express how grateful we are. We are going to be sending out our annual newsletter updating everyone on how we are doing and we will be including a picture for Christmas. If you would like a letter from us, then please leave a comment below with your address.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Christopher and Angela Frantz



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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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