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Frantz Family birthdays

Hello everyone, I know it has been some time since we have written you. Chris and I have been busy with working and serving our church. We miss all of you who live hours away from us, and those of you who we used to attend church with – you know who you are. I – Angie – have been doing some praying, and throwing around the idea of what I would say to all of you. Honestly, I feel like an author with writer’s block. I feel like we are on this hamster wheel of life, and our schedule is just; work, eat dinner, sleep, repeat until Sundays, and then serve in our areas, come home and try to relax a little bit before we have to do it all over again. God has the both of us in a season where He is teaching us how to trust Him, wait well – cause you know how I always need help in this area -, and “just be” as my pastor once told me. I – Angie – have especially been walking with the Lord this year through learning who I am as a person – aside from being His daughter -, and what it means to be whole in mind, body, and spirit. This journey has been both eye – opening and refreshing, along with a few frustrations that He would hurry up so I can start walking in the calling He has for me. Of ‘ Course in those times I sense Him lovingly tapping on my shoulder say, “Hello, I’m back here. You are missing the scenery!” Oh, how I love Papa, and his gentle reminders that our journey is more of a stroll than a drive – especially since I am not the one doing the driving…haha! Anyways, if there is one thing I could ask, well both Chris and I could ask all of you, it is to pray God would help us master this “waiting” thing, and we would be patient for the job that He has lined up for Chris and the calling that is upon us would come in His timing and not ours. As much as I feel stuck and want to fully live life, I need to wait on Papa because it will be a life that I would hate if He isn’t with us. Also pray that I am able to stick to this new diet regimen I am on, it is to help get rid of the swelling, and hopefully the sciatica as well. I pray all of you are well, having a good summer, and if you think about us…would you do me a favor? Give us a call or text, or you can go old school and send us a letter. I would love that, and I am sure Chris would as well.

Until next time,

Angie and Chris

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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