2018 Year in Review

Christmas 2018

WOW! I don’t know about you but this year has really flown by. I was just telling Chris, “can you believe we are approaching January 1 already?” However, no matter if I am ready or not, January will be here in the next few days. Upon reflection, I think about the good things I was able to do – not only begin again with Kids For Christ, but being able to help start their 60th(?) school -, and the tears that were shed – the closing of the Ofallon campus for our church(even if it is only temporary). Yes, there were some lonely times where a number of my friends either moved our quite talking to me; and then there were times where certain family members or “friends” that I tried to get close to showed their true colors and I had to take a healthy step back. However, all in all, I think this year was a success.

Why do I seem so positive, in the midst of not being able to accomplish things such as getting the weight off, our church campus not finding a building and being able to purchase it, being able to step into the calling God has for me – individually, as well as Chris and I as a couple -, or being able to finally be debt free? It is because I choose to keep my focus on what is important – the positive -, and celebrate the little steps along the way. I know that can seem hard when there are so many things happening in our lives and around the world, but ask anyone who has been successful and they will tell you, “In order to have joy and live purpose driven, you must focus on the positive things in and around you, as well as celebrate the little wins.” So even though there is much to do, things I would like to see happen, I am going to be thankful!

I heard Beth Moore say recently, “I believe in new beginnings. Not just New Year’s resolutions. I’m talking real live fresh starts. An abiding, overcoming, effective, fulfilling life in Christ isn’t an accident. I say this with earnestness and affection: we can’t just do the same thing and expect something different.” I have been thinking about this quote lately, and with January almost here, along with the 21 day fast I usually do, I don’t know about you but I am ready for a fresh start! In preparation for the fast from certain foods, social media, and certain distractions that tend to get in the way of my relationship with my husband and my heavenly father, I have been contemplating achievable goals and ways to help me grow in 2019. After all, if each year that rolls around we haven’t changed for the better – even just a little -, we might want to check our pulse (because you might be dead…just in case you didn’t get that)! For those who know me well, if I like something I tend to rave about it…a lot! One of the things I picked up from Target recently was a planner – but this wasn’t just any ole’ planner! This was a planner designed for women who are busy, need a little organization in their life, and just need that extra push to see their goals become a reality! Can any lady out there testify? I mean come on, this is amazing! Anyways, I will provide a link to my Instagram for those who want to see it and are looking for a new planner for 2019.

In conclusion, I just want to say one thing. FORGET THE RESOLUTIONS! That’s right, I said forget it! For those who make audacious resolutions, thinking this will be the year you accomplish them, let’s be honest…no you won’t! Hang in there with me, I am going somewhere. For those who don’t make them because you think, “well if I don’t make one, then I won’t be disappointed when I don’t follow through.” LISTEN UP! Why not work on something different? How about making a three month goal that says in three months I will eat one veggie, or fruit, or drink 8 cups of water a day. Then when it gets close to the end of the three months set another goal. For the overachievers out there – Yes I see you! -, how about getting a planner that will help you set your three, nine, and 12 month goals and get someone who is vivacious and head strong to LOVINGLY help you achieve each one…if you miss one by the end of the year, that is ok, at least you put effort into it. But let’s be honest, wouldn’t this seem more reasonable than making a resolution that isn’t practical? Or worse yet, not make one at all. Where is the life in that? Living with purpose means you are being proactive with your life, not withering away like a dead plant! I usually make a list about this time of the year and call it a reboot. However, this year, I am going to just say if you are willing to hold me accountable, then follow my Instagram – and I mean you will actually check up on me -, and comment on the latest post saying, “IM IN!” I will follow you back and after 6 months we will do a video with me sharing my progress and I will call out one person who will win a beauty bundle. Let’s do something fresh in 2019, let’s work smarter not harder!

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Till we meet again,

Angela Frantz

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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