Our Pilgrimage To Israel

On the first of January, I(Angela) announced on my Facebook page that Chris and I had an announcement we would be making, and despite being able to make a video, I decided to share it on the blog for all our subscribers. As you can tell in the description, we are going to Israel! A pastor friend of my family’s, that I have known since I was a kid, is taking their church to Israel on January 7 – 16 2020. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to be able to walk the same paths as Jesus, King David, and the disciples. Even though this isn’t a missions trip, Chris and I prayed about it, and would love to open up the opportunity for those who wish to not only support us though prayer, but also with a donation so we may go next year. The cost of the pilgrimage is $2900 after tax per person, and this doesn’t include money we would be needing for food on our way to Israel, and the lunches(Breakfast and Dinners are being provided). We know this is a lot of money, but feel God is beginning to reveal our calling, and this is the first step towards what He has for us. I hope you will pray about whether God is leading you to financially support us, and regardless if you do or not, we appreciate your prayers. Thank you!

– Angela

What is a Pilgrimage?

As Angela mentioned, she and I (Chris) have been seeking God about this pilgrimage. As God wills it, we will be going to Israel next January. This trip will take us to several sites (Bethlehem, the Jordan River, Jerusalem) where we can see with our own eyes the actual places mentioned in the Bible. This will be a large opportunity for us to see God’s word come alive as we walk in the footsteps of the heroes of the Bible. For those who don’t know what a pilgrimage is, let me explain.

A pilgrimage is something where you take a journey, a spiritual journey, to places of importance. For Angela and I, this means walking where Jesus was born and where the angel revealed to the shepherds of His birth; getting baptized in the same spot where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist; and it means renewing our vows at the place where our Savoir performed his first miracle. The both of us believe this will not only make the bible alive, as I stated above, but it will give us a fresh vision for His plan for us.

– Chris

Prayers for Chris and Angela in 2019:

  • For us to receive the amount needed for the trip: $5800 all together
  • For Angela to be able to get her Passport renewed
  • Raise the extra money for food on the way down to Israel, and the lunches, which are not provided: $600(This includes tips to our guides)
  • Chris’ car: The shifter has messed up and we are trying to save up to get it fixed.
  • Our Health: Prayer for good health this year, and that we are able to work up to walking 4 to 5 miles a day – that way we won’t have to skip out of some of the activities that require a lot of walking.
  • Any miscellaneous expenses that might come from getting what is needed for the trip
  • Pray against any hinderances that would keep us from the trip next year.
  • Fundraising: Please also keep us in prayer that the various fundraisers we have planned for the year would help us raise the money we need( The first five months of this year we have to have a portion to put down for our registration and securing our trip).

Thank you all for your love and support, and look forward to the good things God has planned for us in 2019.

Chris and Angela Frantz

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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