We’re back!

Hello everyone, Angie here! I know it has been some time since I wrote last, mainly due to conflicting work schedules, issues with mine or my family’s health, and just haven’t had the notion to write. Over the past year, I have been trying to learn how to use my resources wisely – one of those being my time -, and how to be proactive with my life instead of just waking up and reacting to whatever may happen. Today I would like to share my heart on a few things God has been speaking to me, give an update on my health, and explain the whole situation with whether or not we are moving – I know some of you had heard this and are a little confused. If you enjoy this post today, please consider subscribing so you can get a notification in your email when I write something new – obviously, that doesn’t happen often on here because I write more on my personal blog instead of this one, but still, if you’re interested you can join our little community.

                                  I had a nose job…well, sorta!

post surgery

For those who haven’t heard, I had a deviated septum fixed and sinus surgery on Monday, January 27th. I needed this done for multiple reasons, one being that I was tired of having problems with drainage and sinus infections. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was my first major surgery – and the first time I would be given anesthesia -, and have a low tolerance to pain in general. The surgery went well, and the recovery is going just as good – slow, but good -, I think it is the fear of the unknown that made me a little anxious. I had a few anxiety attacks the day i was leaving, the first night – because I had packing in my nose and could only use my mouth to breathe -, and when the doctor took out the packing the next day – mainly cause it hurt like something fierce. However, as I said I am slowly on the mend and trying to get used to breathing through my nose solely instead of my mouth – which is harder than you think when you have done this for over 20 years. Anyways, I could really use prayers for a speedy recovery since I most likely am going back to work next Tuesday, and I can’t drive for another week, as well as having patience with myself to recover fully and not force myself to heal quicker than I should.

Setting SMART God Goals

person hands woman pen
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So from the months of September and December, my church has been discussing goals and how 2020 should be our best year yet. The theme for this year is Jubilee because God spoke to Pastor DC about how He wants to release His anointing on the church and begin blessing us so we can go out and spread the gospel. We call it at church our “banner year” where all prisoners will be released, property will go back to its original owners, and God will perform miracle, signs, and wonders like never before. In saying this, God has been speaking to me about getting back to having goals for the year and learning to live my life with both passion and purpose.

Starting January 1, 2020, I created my first vision board – scroll below to see the picture -, and I have been writing in a prayer journal and one to collect my thoughts. Honestly, I have never felt so at peace and content with myself in my whole life. I not only know using journals help, especially someone who is overcoming anxiety, but I am also proof they can improve your life. I feel much more organized and accomplished by keeping a journal, being proactive with my time and calendar, and blocking out some me-time. One thing I have learned through setting goals is A) they need to be something you can accomplish and are relatable to you – check out my blog here for more on this particular topic -, and B) if God isn’t in it, then you are destined to fail…after all, we are prone as humans to just mindlessly go about our day without being wise with our time and resources. Also, I have learned to be flexible to change. For example, I wanted to plan a few activities for the month of February with Chris, but depending on my recovery time – since it is going a bit slower than I would have liked, and was much more expensive -, I might need to rethink what happens and how we fill our time when we aren’t working or attending church.

2020 goals


In saying all that, God has been showing me some things I need to make a priority this year, in regards to how I plan my time, and the goals I should be achieving. I have been reading a few books…well one book, and studying another in-depth, about leadership. Another thing I have found myself doing is finding ways to write more, research what it takes to be a writer – specifically in the area of short stories, and then I have been learning to “check-in” with Papa God and my hubs at the end of the week to see how our week and the month is going to go and any adjustments I need to make in my schedule. Since my surgery on Monday I have been doing a lot of reading and simply allowing my body to heal – whether through much-needed sleep, or turning on YouTube and relaxing in front of an ambiance that brings me peace – ie. an ocean, a cafe ambiance, or sounds from a certain city. This sounds silly to me, but it is apparently what I have needed to do – maybe God is using this time to teach me some things and to get me to slow down and be mindful. Knowing an outline for my year, month, and week has really proven helpful for me, and as I take time to heal, I sense God is giving me a sense of contentment, hope for the year, and teaching me a few things in regards to my calling and what I should be doing in this current season of my life.



Moving and hearing from God

man and woman holding each others hand wrapped with string lights
Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya on Pexels.com


So a few months ago I was certain Chris and I would be moving with his job, and frankly, I was pretty darn excited – especially since I have lived in this area 90 percent of my life. However, have you ever had moments where God was speaking and you thought for sure that it was something for right now? Well, that is kinda what happened to me. See, God was speaking to me, and showing me things, about us moving to Charlotte, NC and I thought He meant it for the year 2020. However, I think I got so excited about the possibility of moving that I was not fully hearing God and He was showing me stuff to ponder on for when the timing is right. After much prayer, and talking with Chris, we both feel as of right now God has us in the stl area for the rest of this year. We still feel God will have us move out of this area at some point, but we are taking small steps to use our resources wisely and be present in our current season of life. We thank each and every one of you that pray for us and respect our privacy as we both work to accomplish God’s will in our lives and what He desires for us in the coming year.

Again, Chris and I thank you all for your love and support. I (Angie) will try my best to get better at keeping everyone updated on the important things going on with us and any prayer request/praise reports we may have in the coming year.

Much love,




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