February Update

Hello everyone, Angie here. Just wanted to give you an update for February. I hope you are having a good day – and if you’re here in Illinois, I hope you’re staying warm. For all my new friends and family who are new and have yet to subscribe to the blog, make sure you do and each month when I, or both Chris and myself, post on here you will get them sent to your email.


To catch everyone up – to – date on what’s been going on since the last month, Chris is still working from home and I got a new job at the school in my subdivision. So far the job is going really well and I’ll be sharing more below in our Praise Report section. God has truly been faithful over the last year, just as He always is and will forever be.

Prayer Requests:

  • Chris’ job: We found out recently Chris’ job informed him the date to go back into the office has been extended to the end of April. Please continue to pray they will make the decision for the computer programming dept. to have the option of working from home remotely indefinitely. This will give us the chance to save on gas, help when we have doctors appointments, and give us the opportunity – when God sees fit – to move when we’ve been able to save up for a place on the east coast. We are being good stewards with our time here, yet we know God has plans for us near the Charlotte, NC area. Also please pray God gives Chris patience with those at his work as it has been hectic and some have been slacking in their duties, making it hard for him to do his job.
  • Our Health: God has kept us healthy and strong during the pandemic, except for the slight sinus allergies and such. There was a few days two weeks ago where I caught a cold due to walking to work when it was slightly chilly – and because our trailer is extremely warm at work -,yet we both have been fortunate. Praise God! Please continue to pray we are able to stay healthy and strong and I’d continue to get fit for all the things God has in store for us this year.
  • Financial Freedom: We ask that you agree with us in prayer about continuing getting out of debt. We believe God’s design for our lives is to not only be a blessing through our time and talents, but also through our finances. This may mean blessing our neighbors or someone in our community though paying for their groceries, it may mean sowing into a ministry that is sharing the gospel in ways we may not be able to. Regardless, we know God says in His word we are to be lenders and not borrowers (Prov. 22:7), and therefore our goal is to get out of debt this year so we are more readily available to whatever God plans for us this year and the years to come.
  • Sharing the Gospel to our neighbors and those in our community: We’ve been able to be His hands and feet through dog-sitting, providing meals and such during times of loss and rough seasons, and through shoveling snow during these cold days we’ve been having. Please pray God gives us creative ideas to share the gospel with our neighbors and continues to show us ways we can share His love and message to those He’s put in our lives and others within the subdivision and our community.

Praise Reports:

  • My (Angie’s) Job: To say God opened the door for me to work at the school in my subdivision is a huge understatement. God was truly working overtime on my behalf with allowing me to work full-time, have full benefits, and the pay isn’t bad either! He has also been gracious in giving me tremendous favor with the teachers and staff I see everyday, as well as the principle. Yet this isn’t just a one-sided blessing. I’ve been such a huge witness in just the short time I’ve started working there. Praise God!
  • Being the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors: As some of you who’ve been following us for a while know, our prayers have been to find avenues to minister the gospel to our neighbors through our everyday lives. This has slowly happened through our conversations, helping with dog sitting or providing meals during hard times and loss. Yet we’ve been asking the Lord to help us find even greater ways to make an impact. We see the Lord chipping away, so we are giving God praise for this. We know it is in the little moments that God shines the brightest and testifies of His love even more than if we spoke a word.

Protecting Your Light

Something the Lord has been showing me lately is how as followers of Christ we need to protect our light, or not allow the things of this world to diminish the witness we have as believers. Lately, and especially since the election, I’ve seen believers acting more and more like this world and conforming to the ways of this world instead of taking a stand for Jesus. There have been many who either live in a state of panic, fear, and emergency and are listening to others who think they heard from the Lord only to have been proven wrong, or people vote based on what’s popular and who say things that are pleasing to hear. Now I know I’m going to get some flack on this, but hear me out. Last time I checked the Lord is always faithful to His word, and yes there are times God prevents things from happening, but if your party didn’t get into office, God has a plan, if they did, God STILL has a plan. Our supreme allegiance shouldn’t be in a person or political party, it should be in the Lord. I think a lot of us have forgotten this because we get caught up in the noise around us. This is why for me personally I’ve had to take a step back from social media because I caught myself getting righteously angered by comments and things people were saying – who call themselves Christians mind you – and it didn’t reflect God’s Word. Yet, when I would write the things I believe to be fact and true you would have thought they wanted to burn me at the stake. Long story short, I found it to be better for me to just stay off of social media except for the accounts linked to my community blogs. Are we supposed to share truth and the gospel? Yes. However, as Paul was saying in the Corinthians, I have to become all things to all people (1 Cor. 9:22), plus I needed to remember those who support politicians that are clearly not following the Lord and are trying to remove Him from this country, are doing so because they are blinded. I should instead be praying for them. By removing the noise, seeking God daily for myself and keeping Him first place in my life, and being the person God created me to be, I’m protecting my light and being a witness for Him. In a world where people are at each other’s throats because being different is bad, I choose to stand strong in my faith and share God’s love and light everywhere I go. If others decide to argue with me, the only thing I can do is walk away instead of engage, because all it does for me to encourage them is tarnish my witness and let others know I’m no better than the so-called followers of Jesus that go around angry, discontent, and live with a religious mentality like the Pharisees from the Bible. So before you go arguing with someone about the latest gossip in politics, or listen to the current news outlet when they spread their indoctrinated stories that are full of lies and popular opinions, why not seek the Lord and ask Him what His will is for you and how you can best be a witness to others? When Jesus said to be salt and light in the world – according to Matthew 5:13 – it wasn’t a polite request, it was a mandate that we’re all supposed to follow. So if you’ve allowed the world to steal your light – and at some point we all have -, ask the Lord to rekindle the flame and the hunger for Him and to help you be His hands and feet today no matter what platform you’re given or corner of the world He has you in.

Thanks again everyone for your love and support. Chris and I pray for you always and look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Until next month, remember you may be the only Jesus others see today, Shine bright!

Chris and Angie Frantz

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I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, blogger, advocate for the hurting, and strive each day to bring love and joy to those around me. Isa. 61:1

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