Our Story

2015 – The day we said, “I DO!”

Every time we meet someone the conversation always moves toward the story of how we met and our proposal/wedding. So we thought we would add it here for all of you. Hope you enjoy!

Angela’s Point Of View:

I began attending the church near my home for about 8 years, I had just lost my grandmother, and was volunteering with my mom in a ministry on Thursday mornings where we help fold bulletins and such. The lady who was over the ministry mentioned her son worked at the coffee shop, and like most moms when I was in my single days, mentioned that I should meet him. I of ‘ course brushed it off without a second thought, because, well, I assumed she just wanted to fix me up with her son who “is a very good guy but just hasn’t found the right girl yet.” For all you single ladies, you know what I mean. So sometime in February of 2013 my grams had passed and I was a little upset with God, to put it mildly, I was confused on why He would allow her to die and instead leave people here who are downright horrible. Anyways, I quit going into service for a few months, and within that time I would go into the coffee shop where I met this lady’s son – It was Chris – and we began talking and getting to know one another. I found out he liked a show I had just started watching, and so we seemed to get along pretty well. Fast forward to July, my mom wanted me to invite him to our canoeing trip. During the time on the water we talked about music, 80s pop culture, old cartoons – honestly, other than there being a 14 year age gap, we really seemed to have a lot in common, not to mention he made me laugh. By August, most people were making comments like, “You two look cute together” “You two should date.” “Chris really has a thing for you.” Which honestly, I was just happy to have a friend who I could be completely honest with, but because of not seeing any signs from him – or the fact that he never formally asked me on a date -, I just assumed he thought of me like a little sister, and so that is what I told everyone. It wasn’t until Mid September that I found out from a friend how much he really liked me, and just didn’t have the courage to tell me.

After much thought, I finally came up to him and said, “Do you like me? Because I am not getting any signs that say you do, other than us getting along really well. Also, if you do, and we start a relationship, it better end in marriage, cause if not then I will be heartbroken when we break up cause you are my best friend. LOL, needless to say I was stunned when he responded with, “Yea I like you, but I kept hearing you say that I am like a brother to you, or there are no good guys in the world anymore. So I just figured it was pointless. Also, obviously if we were to pursue a relationship it would be with the intent of getting married. Otherwise it isn’t worth it.”

What??? How in the world could a guy this smart, funny, and underneath the burly beard and hair(love you babe), like me? Well, I needed to think about this one. Fast forward two more months, and his mom invites me for Thanksgiving dinner at their house. After we leave, Chris looks over at me and says, “Yea, I could see us being married.” 0_o Well, in my mind I am thinking, “What the mess?” Well, in all honesty, it was not as clean…I did say I took a break from following Jesus remember? Anyways, after he said that nothing was ever brought up again until New Years Day when he picks me up from my seasonal job. As a joke, I thought I would take him to one of the shops that sales jewelry and rings. I figured, if he really means it then he will mention something about how we should discuss further getting married. Nope, what does Chris do? Calls my bluff, and decides to pick out the ring I was looking at and get himself a ring as well. I looked at him giggling and said, “Chris you can’t pick it out while I am standing here, plus you have to get on one knee!” He of ‘ course responds with a witty remark and says something about if I liked the ring then what is the point in surprising me. He is so adorable when he is straightforward. Anyways, to make a long story short. We reserved a room at the Eckert’s by our homes, invited our friends, and he got on one knee and purposed in a very gentleman-y fashion. It was so amazing I couldn’t stop crying. Oh, and when he purposed it was the week of Valentines. So there’s that. Needless to say, 2015 was a mass whirlwind of me getting things together for our wedding that year, and on the day it seemed to go by in a blur – a cold one at that! I didn’t get any sleep the night before because of my parents cooking in the kitchen loudly (they were making the food), I was nervous we would forget something, and I just wanted to get the whole thing over with. I fell in love with my best friend, and all I wanted to do was marry him, move into his home, start our lives, and never look back! He is the beast to my beauty, the Link to my Zelda, and the Hosea to my Gomer. I am so glad I said, “I DO!”

Three years and going strong!!!!